Welcome to Blue Diamond Decorating  – my cozy atelier, my source of inspiration, my small world where beautiful dreams come true.

My name is Brigitte Abidaoud, I am a certified fashion designer and Blue Diamond Decoration brand owner. I learnt almost everything I know today from my mother when I was growing up in Lebanon. She was always sewing – she made all of our clothes and I would love to sit and watch her. From crochet to embroidery, she’s very creative and I am very pleased to be able to carry on the tradition. In Lebanon I worked for a diverse range of clients, both local and foreign, coming from America, South Africa and Arab countries.

Since coming to the south of France, I have worked with many villas and yachts to make pieces for the exterior and interior. I enjoy the process of finding out the needs and wants of my clients and happy to work out exactly what they want so that the final product is perfect.

Today my passion is to create bespoke pieces of decor – from cushions to curtains, bed and bathroom linens and fine embroidery. I supply numerous products from the smallest of decorative elements to large-sale projects.     

I am deeply involved in diverse interior design decisions. In cooperation with talented architects, interior designers and finest suppliers of luxury items (fabrics, linen, furniture, carpets, uniform). I am proud to offer my clients high quality and superior standard personalised design solutions. This close collaboration with experienced partners and with clients allows me to take an apartment or villa project from conception through to completion, seamlessly. Our team takes care of interior design from A to Z which makes it easy and comfortable for clients.

For more information or to organise an appointment, please contact brigitte.a@bluediamonddecorating.com.